Angus Beef For Sale in Meridian, TX

We grow majority of our feed here on our farm. We raise registered Angus cattle that begin on grass and finish on grain. We began selling our beef by the whole and half in 2021. 

Our Beef Offerings


Whole and Half Beef

 Our whole and half beef begin at $4.25/lb. hanging weight. This includes the processing fee. We can deliver within surrounding counties of Bosque County for an additional $0.50/lb. hanging weight. 



We offer beef bundles in packs of 10lb., 25lb. and 50lb. Our bundles have 60% hamburger, 20% steak and 20% roast cuts in each bundle. 

10lb. Bundle - $125

25lb. Bundle - $275

50lb. Bundle -$500


Special Bulk Orders

We offer a steak bulk order of 10lb., a half beef on just the steaks, bulk hamburger packages and quarter beef. 

10lb. Steak Box - $275

10-20lb. Hamburger -$8.00/lb.

20+lb. Hamburger - $7.00/lb.

Bulk Steak Order - $19.50/lb.

Quarter Beef - $5.00/lb Hanging Weight